How to Register on PsarThmey

Creating an account with PsarThmey is fast and free.

To register :
To register click on the “+ register” button as shown below, it could be found at the top of page.

At this page, you can import personal information into the registration form by clicking on “Link with Facebook” button, the Facebook login windows will appear.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, please fill all fields in “Personal Info“ and “Postal address” sections.

All the fields marked with asterisk must be filled in. Accept our terms & conditions then click on “+ Register” button.

You are now registered with PsarThmey, please remember your PsarThmey username and password or you Facebook account.

How do I post an ad

Posting an ad on PsarThmey is quick, easy and in all categories completely free!

Only few steps are required to register. You can use whether your existing Facebook account or create a PsarThmey account. (link How to register)

Once connected, you would be able to start using the service.

To post an ad simply click on the “+ add an ad” button as shown below, it could be found at the top of any page.

Ad Form

All the fields marked with asterisk must be filled in.

Describe what's in your ad. The more details you give the better:

Be clear:
Most people search for services or items by using our search function, this initially searches the title of the ads. Keep this in mind when you are writing up your ad. Be very clear and concise about what your item or service is in the title field.
Be descriptive:
Unlike other advertising mediums like magazines or newspapers, you can use as much text as you like in your ads. Be more specific and avoid posting articles with 0 value otherwise they will not be interested. Think of all the typical questions someone might ask about your item or service - put that information in your ad.
If offering a job, make any requirements clear:
To make it easier for quality applicants to apply for your role, give specific requirements such as qualifications, visa requirements and languages skills required. Also state if you want CV's, references and photo's upfront. Avoid discrimination terms.
If looking for a tenant, make any requirements clear:
To make it easier to get the right tenants interested in your property/room be clear about the size, the upfront costs, whether tenants need to be employed, the area and the local amenities. Be clear about when the property/room is available from and to. Future tenants enjoy virtually experiencing the property/room by adding updates recent and clear pictures.
Add pictures:
You can include up to 5 pictures in your ad directly from your mobile device (iPhone iOS 6 or earlier, Android phone). This makes your ad much more appealing and sets it aside from other ads. If you are advertising property, cars, electronics or pets, buyers are more likely to view ads with pictures. We know that ads with pictures attract more attention and generate more replies, so it is worth taking that time to add some very clear pictures.
Add file (Jobs only):
Note: mobile devices or smartphone (iPhone iOS and Android) don’t support the add file functionality, please use desktop or laptop to perform this operation.
Be friendly:
Give your ads some personality. Nobody wants to read an ad that sounds like it’s been automatically generated by a robot. Little details, like the story behind what you’re selling and touches of humor, make your ad more human and catch readers’ attention.
Ensure that you have entered a price for your item or service. We are not an auction site, so all ads require a price. Make sure your price is competitive, don’t forget that is a place for a good deal. Avoid putting articles with 0$, they will have no interest.
Contact Information:
Be sure to enter your personal information correctly. Only Facebook users could leave comments. Buyers often get frustrated with no response from sellers. If you are using an email contact method then make sure you stay on top of replies.

How to edit your ad

You can edit your ad at any time to change the information, price, add or remove pictures. The only things you can’t edit in your ad are changing the category. To do that, you’ll have to delete your current ad and then post a new ad in the correct category.

To edit your ad:

1. Select “my ads” which can be found at the top of any page.

2. Select the ad from the list of your ads then click on "Edit my ad" button at the bottom of your ad.

3. After finish editing your ad, click on “Save” to save your modifications.